Cum desteptu’ pacaleste prostu’

Posted on 7th June 2011 in A se inghiti cu noduri

Palitura asta e in engleza. Ia de inghite:

“”Unfortunately, high education is becoming a privilege, not a right.

When I attended my university in Russia, my law department was separated into two subdivisons: free of charge for students and a “commercial” department. It was close to impossible to get into the free department: you needed to pass four entrance exams – oral and written, compete against six other people for a spot, and score higher than your competition to be accepted.
I spent my last year of high school preparing for the entrance exams.

The commercial department cost only $700/year when i started college. Competition was laughable – they needed to pass an interview and they were in! When I finished college, free department shrunk, commercial department expanded, and the tuition rose to $3,000 a year.

US, Russia, and now England, are experiencing tuition climbs.It is really sad. I thank the Russian government for funding my university and allowing me to receive free law education. Starting next year, Russian students will no longer have that opportunity.”

Sinan P’asa Diplomat Inginer Doctor in Drept si Honoris Cauza Lauza cum Laude

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